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Color: Black / Stainless Steel
Deep Dish Diameter: 8”
Deep Dish Weight: 0.60 Lbs
Frying Pan Diameter: 8”
Frying Pan Weight: 0.30 Lbs
Dual Rack Diameter: 7”
Dual Rack Weight: 0.30 Lbs
Shipping Dimensions:  8 x 7 x 4.5 "
Shipping Weight:  1.65 Lbs
Compatibility: XL Air Fryers
Dishwasher Safe Parts: Yes
Warranty: 90 Day Limited Manufacturer's Warranty

How many skewers come with the rack?


What is the size of the baking pans?

Both pans have a diameter of 8″

Are these dishwasher safe?


How can you prevent the baking pans from scratching?

We do recommend using wax paper, a silicon spoon or a nylon spoon when removing food from both the deep dish and frying pan.

What is the height of the rack?


What is the height of the deep dish baking pan?


Are these compatible with all air fryers?

They are compatible with all 5L air fryers for definite, but please see their measurements to ensure they fit the airfryer you have.

What materials are these made from?


Can you bake a cake in the deep dish?

Yes you can bake a cake or any kind of bread?

What is included in this pack?

1 x Non-Stick Baking Pan, 1 x Non-Stick Fryer Pan and 1 x Skewed Dual Layered Rack

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