Why Simple Living Products Was Born

The founders of Simple Living Products were on a mission to create a more efficient lifestyle but in a cost effective and less complex manner. Simple Living Products was founded with a goal of being creative, convenient and affordable. These are factors that many companies boast about, but to us these are the three key indicators when launching every one of our products. Intelligently designed and developed for busy lifestyles, our innovative home appliances undergo continuous research and testing.

Powerful Yet Simple

Our product catalog offers a solution or fulfills a need for everyone. Looking for a more efficient way to complete laundry? Need a better alternative to cooking healthier meals? Dreaming of the perfect outdoor atmosphere? Awaiting a wonderful health aid for your family? The Answer is Simple Living Products.

Committed & Passionate

Our team loves what we do and the products that we develop. We only create products we believe in and we remain committed to providing our customers with affordable and compact appliances.

Built For the User

We make in depth modifications to all our products, not just because its the cool thing to do, but also because we really believe in ensuring that each end user has a flawless experience with our all of our products.

Stunning Design & Features

Its for this reason that we don’t just supply products, we are intimately involved in the design and manufacturing of all our product lines. This allows us to offer unique solutions that can’t be found anywhere else.

Free Support & Updates

Our company is built around a philosophy that is based on customer care and a love for our products. It is our mission to offer every one of our customers an exceptional level of care before, during and after they have purchased one of our products.

People Believe in Us

Read our customer testimonials. Our customers LOVE our products. We offer a portable solution to everything, no matter where you are. Do you own a home? Do you rent an apartment? Do you take boat trips? Do you like to camp? Do you take RV trips often? Do you travel a lot? If you answered YES to any of these, then you need to shop our products.

Core Principles

  • Creating Something New: We at Simple Living Products work to optimize and adjust every one of our product developments to actual demand. We question everything and identify a new and more efficient way to create all of our production lines. Our outstanding team goes down entirely new paths each and every day.
  • Diligence: We have developed all our product lines in close cooperation with our factories and end users from the beginning. We work with focus groups from all over the USA to ensure that our products are the best they can be before they even go on sale.
  • Irresistible: Of course there are other products on the market similar to ours. Often customers cannot tell the difference. It is our responsibility to deliver that information and its simple. And our products are reliable, our company is reliable and products are built to last while still saving you money. Rest assured with our knowledge you are living a little more responsibly.