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Brand Name: Simple Living Products
Product Dimensions (LxWxH): 13 x 14.2 x 16"
Product Weight: 13.27 Lbs
Shipping Dimensions (LxWxH) 14.1 x 14.2 x 16 "
Shipping Weight: 15.52 Lbs
Voltage: 120
Watts: 1800
Color: Black
Capacity: 5.8QT
Fuel Type: Electric
Temperature Range: 175 – 400°F / 80-200°C
Timer: 60 Minutes
Non Slip Feet: Yes
Cool Housing: Yes
Overheat Protection: Yes
Dishwasher Safe Parts: Yes
Access Location: Front Loading
Portable: Yes
Fit on Counter: Yes
Includes: User Manual & Recipe Book
Recipe Book Included: Yes
Certifications: ETL & FDA
Warranty: 1 Year Limited Manufacturer's Warranty
California Proposition 65: Yes
UPC: 862885000267

Does this come with a rack for inside?

No it does not, however racks can be purchased separately.

Can you put a whole chicken in it?

Yes you can. Please note that you should turn the chicken over once while cooking.

Does this come with the cook book?

Yes we provide a step by step cook book.

Do french fries come out crispy without oil?

Yes they do. Both Frozen and Home Made Fries.

Can I use silicone bakeware in the Air Fryer?

Yes, you may use silicone bakeware in your air fryer. You can use anything that can go in an oven, as long as it fits in the Air Fryer.

Can you cook several foods at once?

Yes, but there are cooking times and temps for different foods. You can monitor the foods to see if they are cooked or if they are at your desired crispiness by opening the basket to view the food.

Does the unit stay cool even cooking at highest temperature?

The unit gets warm to the touch but not hot. This is what makes this cooking appliance perfect for anywhere. Regardless of the temperatures it won't make your setting any warmer. For example if you lived in Arizona, during the summer you would be reluctant to use your oven BUT not your air fryer.

Do I need to put in oil? How much?

Typically no, unless the recipe calls for it or if it’s your personal preference. In regards to how much we would say very little, maybe 1 spray.

Can it cook a Chicken Breast?

Yes, Customers love cooking chicken in the airfryer as they can flavor it in so many ways without any oils.

In addition to performing all the frying functions, can this toast or can you cook pizza in it?

Yes it can toast. Many people cook their mini pizzas in this air fryer. Additionally it is also great for heating food up.

How does it cook the food?

The air circulation technology extracts all the oils, fats and juices from the food by allowing it to drip through the basket. It then air fry’s the food by lifting the oils, fats and juices and making the food airborne by coating it. It rapidly circulates the oils throughout the entire cooking process to ensure crispy food. This ensures no oil, less fat and fewer calories.

Does it smoke like a frying pan? Do I need to turn on the range hood?

No and no you do not need to turn on your range hood.

Does this product bake as well as fry?

Yes you can bake bread, cakes and much more. We suggest using our baking dishes which can be purchased separately.

What divider insert and baking pan do you use with this fryer?

The Airfryer comes with a free divider and a free cooking rack. However you can purchase our baking dishes separately.

What about cooking chicken wings (hot wings) do they really get crispy or not?

Yes they do. You can cook homemade chicken wings or frozen chicken wings. They will all come out crispy.

Is this airfryer dishwasher safe

The baskets of the air fryer are dishwasher safe.

Does it feed a family of 4

Yes definitely.

Is it really a healthier alternative to cooking healthier?

Yes, it can ensure a reduced intake of Fat by 80%. Additionally it reduces the intake of calories.

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