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Brand Name: Simple Living Products
Length: 8.7”
Height: 4.2”
Weight: 1 Lbs
Air Fryer Compatibility: 5L
Air Fryer Basket Compatibility: 9" Baskets
Color: Black / Stainless Steel
Dishwasher Safe: Yes
Warranty: 90 Day Limited Manufacturer's Warranty
California Proposition 65: Yes
UPC: 862885000236

Is this good for catching crumbs?

The divider can also be used to prevent crumbs or juices from falling onto the pan of the air fryer, if you lay it flat and place food on top of it.

Will the Divider Prevent Seasonings and Flavors from Spreading?

Yes, for example you can season multiple chicken breasts using different flavors and cook them at once, without any of the flavors becoming affected by one another. This applies to all kinds of meats and vegetables you wish to cook in your Air fryer.

Can I use the Cooking Divider to Cook Bacon?

Yes. Simply place in the divider in the middle of the basket in an upright position and lay the strips of bacon of the top.

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